The job title “Talk show host” may not appear on Linda Jacobson’s resume, but she has entertained and informed millions of people around the world about scientific breakthroughs, emerging technologies, and intriguing innovators.


As a marketing expert, journalist, and event producer, Linda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field of science and tech communications.

For the past 20 years, Linda has worked with Fortune 500 companies and early-stage ventures, managing and collaborating with creative, technical, and academic professionals. She efficiently met unique marketing and organizational goals to produce significant achievements in demand generation, public and analyst relations, and employee engagement. She also has helped create and launch Wired and other magazines, written and directed award-winning corporate video content, and mentored interdisciplinary editorial and content marketing teams.

Today, as a Certified Senior Advisor, Linda advises early-stage ventures on marketing strategies for launching technology-enabled solutions to problems associated with aging. She interfaces directly with senior management and C-level executives to devise effective measures including social media outreach, market research, and business development strategies for long-term ROI maximization. She also brings virtual reality and other digital media tools into senior-living communities to help residents and caregivers reduce social isolation and boost quality of life.

She launched her career as a copywriter and industry reporter covering audio, video, and film technologies. This led to her role as co-founding editor of several magazines, including Wired. Linda also co-founded the Bay Area’s first virtual reality meetup group during the first wave of 3D VR. Her 1992 book CyberArts: Exploring Arts and Technology became a textbook for colleges using computers in art and entertainment. Her 1994 book Garage Virtual Reality showed “makers” and do-it-yourselfers how to build virtual experiences.

Throughout the ‘90s, Linda also performed as a “virtual human,” using 3D input devices during live stage productions. She was a member of the renowned multimedia music ensemble, D’Cuckoo, who performed for millions of people, from the Cleveland Bicentennial celebration to Oakland Coliseum opening for the Grateful Dead.

In the late ‘90s, Silicon Graphics recruited Linda to become the industry’s first Virtual Reality Evangelist. At SGI she identified and managed strategic alliances with hardware and software developers as well as early adopters of immersive visualization in manufacturing, engineering, architecture, and healthcare, education, entertainment, and government.

More recently, Linda led marketing and communications for Xerox PARC. While there she helped invent a publishing technique that earned a U.S. patent. She also won an employee performance award for project management in the design and launch of parc.com. During her years at PARC, Linda experienced the personal challenges of handling long-term care for her elders. This inspired her to apply technology evangelism skills to advocate for older adults who live with impairment. Today Linda is bringing her love of human-centric design and technologies to the evolving world of aging services.

Keynote Speaking Engagements and Advisory Boards or Committees

  • Rendever Health advisory team
  • SF Museum of Modern Art presentations on virtual reality in the arts
  • California Arts Council/Governor’s Conference on the Arts & Technology
  • Comdex Exposition, Chicago; co-presented with CEO of Silicon Graphics
    IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, Houston
  • Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Banquet, San Francisco
  • Immersive Projection Technology Symposium, Stuttgart
  • Commonwealth Club of America, San Francisco
  • International Conference on Virtual Systems & Multimedia, UC Berkeley
  • SIGGRAPH panels: “Virtual Reality Pioneers”; “The Reality of Virtual Reality Software” and “Do You See What I See? Perceptual Psychology & Virtual Reality”
  • National Association of Broadcasters: “Virtual Sets & Virtual Humans”
  • California Governors Conference on the Arts

Invited Lecturer or Panel Moderator/Speaker

  • Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Shows
  • Showbiz Expo, L.A.
  • Society of Women Engineers, Austin
  • Speaking Engagements, continued
  • Medicine Meets Virtual Reality, San Diego
  • Stanford University Digital Media Academy
  • Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada
  • Annual Virtual Humans Conferences, L.A.
  • Australian Conference on Virtual Reality
  • Int’l. Symposium on Virtual Reality, Vienna
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Florence, IT
  • Procter & Gamble annual IT conference, HQ
  • Genentech, Inc., HQ
  • Fraunhofer Graphics Research Institute
  • Expression College for New Media, Emeryville
  • Boston University
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor